Saturday, 26 August 2017

BOOK HAUL: 08/2017

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Although is my August book haul pretty small, it includes books I am very excited about.

You probably know Mohsin Hamid's latest release Exit West, since it has been almost everywhere throughout blogs and BookTube channels. And it became even more viral since it's been long-listed for the Man Booker Prize 2017.
Some say it is a love story and some say it is nothing like that. And though, it certainly begins with a love story of a young couple, it is most of all a kind of magical realism planted into today's troubled world of a Middle Eastern country on a brink of civil war. And when the war erupts mysterious doors into faraway countries begin to appear for people to flee into safety.
I've decided to go for the American cover, which for the character of the book, looks more magical than the UK one.

I discovered this book after watching of one of the videos by British BookTuber Simon Savidge from SavidgeReads on women in translation. However, he was showing a different book from the same publisher, which is the World Editions. I checked their site, found Khomeini, Sade and Me by Abnousse Shalmani, read the synopsis and immediately fell in love with it. Khomeini, Sade and Me is a fiction with elements of a memoir. Shalmani was born in Iran but she refused to conform to Islamic rules for women. When her family emigrates to France she finds rules connected with religion being no less restrictive.
I am curious to find out more about a viewpoint of an Iranian woman on the rules controlling life of Muslims. This book was even translated to English from French. And finally look at those unusual rounded edges. Aren't they fantastic? They are characteristic for all books published by World Editions.

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